Welcome to the metacatalog for maps held by Swiss libraries

This is the metacatalog of Swiss map collections. You can search for maps covering the entire world and ranging from late medieval manuscripts to current printed maps. Maps of all types, scales and topics are available.

Note on maps held by archives
Maps held by archives are not fully accessible via this map search. Contact the archive in question for further information.

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Searching is very easy indeed. In order to narrow the search area as accurately as possible, enter the name of a town or a region in the Search Box (1a). Alternatively use the Zoom (1b) and pan the background map. There is also an Exact Area (1c) tool.


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For a further refinement of your search, three filters are available. The Timeline enables you to restrict your search to a specific publication period. Clicking the Attributes icon opens further filters: Full Text, Author, Publisher, Subject, and Map Scale. With the Library filter you may narrow the search to one of the map collections.


Review results

Any action will immediately update the Result List. The top entry is the map that best fits the search area and filter settings. You may browse through the result list. The highlighted result is displayed on the background map at the same time. Click on a result in order to open an Information window.

You can always come back to these instructions by clicking the Help icon.

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